The Greatest Scientific Minds of Our Century
The Greatest Scientific Minds of Our Century
Author Randolf Marshall
Publication Year 1927
Publisher Propaganda Penguin Publishing
Country United States of America
Appeared In Cliff Sloan, Private Eye

The Greatest Scientific Minds of Our Century is a book by famed historian and ballroom dancer Randolf Marshall, the son of military legend Rudolph Marshall, containing brief biographies of famous and accomplished scientists of the first half of the 19th century. It was first published by Propaganda Penguin Publishing in 1927.

The book was not generally well-received, as its biographies tended to focus more on the strange and often startling sexual preferences of its subjects rather than their actual scientific accomplishments, in addition to its misleading title. While widely panned in the literary world, it was highly praised by Cliff Sloan, a famed Chicago detective and later founder of the extragovernmental American espionage agency known as AEGIS.

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